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Linda LeTendre's Waging Peace
by Linda LeTendre

Waging Peace

A Daily Gazette community blog
Linda LeTendre fights for a peaceful world.

Trump brings 1930s Germany to the US

Presidential candidate Donald Trump sounds like he is reading directly out of a Nazi playbook.

Make the NRA own 30K+ martyrs

I turned on the news yesterday to tune into the USA's daily mass shootings.

Find some peace in Fonda, NY

If you're like me, in these times you're starving for some good news on the peace front.

What is the real issue here?

These are interesting times for US citizens, let alone peace and social justice workers.

What does it take for the GOP to sink Trump?

“Darn-old Rump” managed to stick the silver foot with which he was born into his mouth yet again this past week. He does this so often I'm surprised that he does not have athlete's foot of the mouth.

Good news with some trade offs

Thanks to President Obama, we may have avoided another endless war in the Middle East. This one would have been with Iran.

So much to process!

It is now the equivalent of mating season for politicians, where they court us for our approval for the position of President of the United States

Good news and humor in bad times

In the midst of the horror of the modern-day lynching of the African Americans in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church in Charleston, SC there has been some good news on the peace and social justice front.

Brian Williams: Our national scape goat

I am not a fan of Brian Williams, the NBC anchor who is currently on unpaid leave for misrepresenting his experience on a helicopter ride while in Iraq. But as the scape goat for our national psychosis I have some compassion for him – I would have more if he had been reporting real news all along.

Thoughts on Ferguson

I was asked at Thanksgiving dinner what I thought of the Ferguson situation.

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