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Mark Mahoney's Speak Out
by Mark Mahoney

Speak Out

A Daily Gazette opinion blog
Share your views on the issues with Editorial Page Editor Mark Mahoney.

What are your thoughts on the news today?

Share your opinions with Editorial Page Editor Mark Mahoney

What should be done about the traffic stop deputy?

Officer on videotape suspended without pay. Should there be more punishment?

What are your thoughts on the election?

Share your thoughts on national state and local issues

Speak out on prayer during gov't meetings

How do you feel about government bodies being allowed to say prayers before meetings?

Speak out on Saratoga racino's expansion

Have thoughts on the Saratoga racino expansion? Share them here.

Free SUNY tuition in exchange for community service?

What do you think about the plan?

Welcome to our new interactive opinion blog

Welcome to The Daily Gazette Editorial Page's new "Speak Out" blog. We invite you, our readers, to share your views about the issues that affect you. Right now, the floor is open. Sometimes, I might invite you to comment about a specific issue. But the forum -- and the floor ...

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